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Project Management for the Real World.

Running effective projects isn’t easy. From poor communication to scope creep, many problems can derail progress. Even with hours of “process improvement,” it can feel like something’s off. That’s because most companies don’t tailor project management to humans.

Our experts bring years of real-world experience and top-industry training. But more importantly, we get to know your people to help you figure out how to make things work. We’ll pinpoint areas of least resistance to help you run projects effectively — so you have happy clients, happy teams, and happy financials.

Why Project Management Matters.

When your project management approach is not working, everyone can feel it.

Client Satisfaction

70% of projects don’t deliver what was promised to customers (Teamstage)

Staff Retention

30% of team burnout is driven by unrealistic deadlines or expectations (Deloitte)

The bottom line

10% of every dollar is wasted due to poor project performance (PMI)

Signs your PM needs some TLC

The Obvious

Sometimes you know what the problem is—but there’s no clear solution. Maybe you can relate:

“We have nothing set up and don’t know where to start.”

“We need better tools, but there are so many out there. Which one’s right for us?”

“Things are falling through the cracks. Something’s wrong with our processes.”

“Everyone runs their projects differently.”

“Our project managers are struggling to manage without authority.”

The Less-Obvious

Other times, project management dysfunction is disguised as another problem. Common things we hear include:

“Clients keep getting upset.”

“No one trusts the schedule.”

“We just can’t seem to retain talented team members.”

“Our projects cost way more than we planned.”

“The chaos from projects bleeds into our personal lives.”

Streamline your projects. Crush your goals.

Project management principles seem simple (in theory). But often, there are hidden obstacles in the way. The real world is messy.

We get to know your business and pinpoint the changes that make the biggest difference. Then, we’ll create a custom plan to implement them and improve results across your organization.

Roles & Responsibilities

A note from our founder

Hi, I’m Susan Vaughn.

I love helping people fuel better results through effective project management. With over three decades of experience, I’ve seen hundreds of teams succeed and fail. I believe it all comes down to tailoring the best principles to your people. When you take tried-and-true methods and tailor them to your team, your organization’s success story starts to take shape.

Breathe new life into your project managment.

If you’re ready to have happier clients, team members, and financials, let’s chat about a plan for you.

The Fundamentals of Project Management.

Download the how-to guide on the five essential phases of a successful project—regardless the size or length.