Project Management Consulting Services

Equip your team with the tools, strategy, and know-how to run projects effectively—with human connection.

Project Management Office (PMO) Setup

What is PMO?

A Project Management Office (PMO) is a set of people, tools, and processes that keeps projects running.

Think of a PMO like a team of Avengers, equipped with superhero gear and Tony Stark’s smart plans.

A PMO will help you:

Destroy evil

(blown budget, overdue deliverables, subpar work)

Build Teamwork

(hello, cross-functional unity!)

achieve galactic peace

(happy clients, teams, and financials)

We provide different levels of PMO support depending on your team’s needs.

PMO Foundations

Get the tools to implement your PMO on your own.

We’ll provide the PMO structure, setup, and resources to help you execute the plan. All materials have been created by a Certified Project Management Professional. Plus, they have been used repeatedly in the real world.

This is perfect for a team of go-getters and an organization that just needs a little push to get things cleaned up.

PMO Custom Setup

Get custom setup support from an expert.

We’ll provide all the structure and resources—but we’ll guide you through the whole process step-by-step. You’ll get exclusive access to a Certified Project Management Trainer, and we’ll customize learning sessions with your team.

This is the red-carpet rollout. It’s great for large groups who need help turning a big ship or small groups starting from scratch.

Other Services

project managment


Grow your leaders and improve team performance. We’ll personalize our sessions to each person’s needs, from refining processes to navigating interpersonal dynamics.

project managment


Equip your team with tools for success. Whether we’re teaching fundamentals to beginners or doing custom training to grow your pros, we’ll meet you where you are.

project managment


Solve your problems with guidance tailored to your organization. We’ll pinpoint growth areas, share resources, and advise on strategic ways to move the needle.

Organizational Change


Get guidance on effectively making big transitions in your organization. We’ll walk through how to manage resistance, overcome barriers, and help your teams through the change process.

Breathe new life into your project managment.

If you’re ready to have happier clients, team members, and financials, let’s chat about a plan for you.

The Fundamentals of Project Management.

Download the how-to guide on the five essential phases of a successful project—regardless the size or length.